Reliance Jio Free Calling Rules

By | 9 October, 2017

Reliance jio is constantly pushing new mobile users by bringing new plans. Meanwhile, Reliance Geo is preparing to tweak its users. Now the company is keeping an eye on users who make more than 300 calls a day.

Yes Yes, Reliance Jio is now able to implement Daily Limit just like other companies. For example, in other companies 300 calls a day and more than 1200 calls in full week can not make free calls, and if you do, you will have to pay for it.

Currently Geo is looking at users who are using their commercials. If you are also using this number of commercials then this limit may also apply to your number. If you want to avoid this, you have to stop using this number commercially. The company has the right to stop free calling on the use of commercials.

Reliance Jio has started delivering its 4G feature phones. The company is giving the phone free, but there is a condition that the security of Rs 1500 is required to be given. This security will be refunded after 3 years. You will be recharged at least 1500 rupees per year and you will be given a security return of 1500 rupees only to get full security.

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