Prathmik Shikshako ni fix pagar ni Nokri badhti, Uchchtar pagar Dhoran mate any karmchario ni jem salang ganva babat sixak sangh Ni Rajuat

By | 21 September, 2017

Statement of Additional Information (SAI)Nw Format for Prospectuses: the Summary Prospectus and the Statutory ProspectusA Mutual Fund’s Past Performance is no Indication of its Future Performance Shareholder Fees12b-1 Fees (Shareholder Seervice Fees)Sales LoadClasses of Mutual Fund SharesSales LoadBreakpointsLetter of IntentRights of AccumulationNo Load Mutual Fund FeesPurchase FeeRedemption FeeExchange FeeAccount FeeAnnual Fund Operating ExpensesManagement FeesDistribution FeesOther ExpensesTotal Annual Fund Operating Expenses — Expense Ratio Buying SharesReinvestment PrivilegeRedemption of SharesSystematic

Sixako ni Nokari Salang Ganva Babat Rajy sanghe kareli Rajuaat

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