Now try to make the DP bigger, you’ve tray this new feature of WhatsApp

By | 2 October, 2017

Gadget desk: Whatsapp users have to look at the favorite DP of another. While changing the DP, the other sees it open, but WhatsApp users have long been complaining that they can not zoom to another’s DP. But now it can be done. WhatsApp has launched the feature for this. In this, WhatsApp users can zoom in to the DP. But this feature is still available for beta users of WhatsApp. Will soon be available for all users. If you want to use this feature you will have to download a beta version of Whatsapp. Beta users can view each and every zombie by zooming in on WhatsApp.

You can not sell to anybody JioPhone, know the company’s 5 terms
Gadget Desk: After getting a new clause against Geo Phones, many questions are being raised about the phone in people’s mind. The company has put new conditions related to Geo, from recharging the phone to the depositable money. In addition to this, Geo phones have come up against some new terms and conditions.
Gadget Desk: Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest telecom company, is going to launch its 4G phone on Diwali. According to information received from Airtel’s official sources, the company has completed preparations to launch the phone. is showing you the first time about the features of this phone.

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