By | 10 February, 2018
Democracy is not only a kind of governance. In this politics, women who become president (Sarpanch) of Panchayat, member and chairperson of District Panchayat give their thumb impression keeping veiled themselves. Total political participation of women with men is essential for success of democracy. There are 33% reservation for active participation of politics of women in Gujarat state. Number of women in formal structure of politics is very less after six decades after independence. Data and information are collected by taking personal interview of women members. Their position is like a doll whose guiding rope is kept with male persons. Here an attempt has been made in this paper through examine how her position and participation with reference to Gram Panchayat of Kheda district. Keywords – Women, Panchayat, Reservation, Political Participation.
Introduction :

If we observe history of six decades after independence, we can see that, women have not utilized freedom as compared into men. There is a freedom into serve in decision making by a member in active politics to each men and women in India.Women are given political rights, equality and freedom equal through men by Indian Constitution. Whether common women of India can utilize her constitutional rights in which president of India is a woman ? Whether she has received that position in which our constitution is claiming? Whether constitution of women is such, which should have ?.
Whether women leadership can do seen in Gram Panchayats after 65 years after independence? Some women of upper class are only active in politics in order toward our constitutional development. If common woman try to come forward in active politics by using her constitutional rights, she has to adhere (take support of) any male person of her family. Entry in active politics and legislative assembly of women depends very less on her own desire decision. She is taken toward politics after her father or husband’s death toward get votes by sympathy and compassion.


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