​Big Breaking: PF’s money will change in the days you do not even think of changing jobs.

By | 11 August, 2017

​Big Breaking: PF’s money will change in the days you do not even think of changing jobs.

If you change your job from next month, your PF account will be automatically transferred. Chief Provident Fund Commissioner VP Joe gave information about this. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is taking several steps to make the employee more comfortable. He said that the closure of accounts in the middle is a major challenge and it is in the process of resolving this problem by improving its services.

Chief PF Commissioner said, “When a person changes his job, many accounts are closed. After that, the Employees are restructuring their account afterwards. He said that now we have made the support card mandatory for enrollment.

We do not want the accounts to be closed. PF account is a permanent account. Employee can always keep the same account for social security.

Joey said that we are in the forefront of ensuring that if a job is transferred instead of a job, its money will be transferred only in three days. If someone has a support ID and a verified ID in the future, then changing the job in any corner of the country will be transferred without any application. This arrangement is going to be implemented quickly.

EPFO has also speeded up the pace of its area and the initial results are positive. Joey said that more than one crore workers were enrolled in the ongoing campaign in January to June. Now we want to improve services by adding them.
He said that PF money should be taken only for the treatment of home, children’s education or serious illness. He said, ..then we will get social security for people. So now we are launching a campaign to awaken people to take the PF money away for the desired purpose.
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